Transform Guest Stays with Personalized Upselling Strategies

Enhancing guest experience in rentals is no longer just about clean sheets and a stocked fridge. In today's competitive market, property managers need to go the extra mile to truly elevate guest experiences.

Guest Portal

Seamless Upselling Process

Guests can seamlessly add on desired services like late check-out, airport transportation, activity bookings, or even personalized experiences, all within a few clicks.

Seamless upselling process with Boom's guest portal

Informed Decision-Making

Clear descriptions and pricing for upsell options ensure guests understand the added value and can make informed decisions.

Informed decision making with Boom's enhanced guest experience
Seamless upselling process with Boom's guest portalInformed decision making with Boom's enhanced guest experience

Property management guest communication holds incredible potential for personalizing stays and boosting revenue. Imagine a system that:


Leverages Pre-Arrival Data

Collect preferences and needs via pre-check-in forms. This information informs targeted upselling and tailored preparations.


Offers Automated Upsells with Intelligence

Analyze booking data, preferences, and past interactions to present relevant upsells. A romantic getaway could trigger offers for a couple's massage or a room decoration package. Families might be interested in pre-stocked groceries or child-proofing rentals.


Conducts Automated Check-Up Messages

Send automated messages after check-in to ensure guest satisfaction. This opens a channel for additional requests and potential upsell opportunities.


Deploys During-Stay Surveys

Gather real-time feedback with customized surveys, helping fine-tune the guest experience. Upsell possibilities could emerge based on expressed needs.


Automates Preference Tracking

Record guest preferences across stays, enabling future personalization. This builds loyalty and anticipates needs on repeat visits.


Customizes Stays with Work Orders

Connect preferences like baby cribs or high chairs directly to field team work orders, ensuring a seamless and tailored guest experience.

Win-Win Strategies: How Upselling Enhances Guest Experiences and Boosts Revenue

Increased Guest Satisfaction

Exceed expectations by offering relevant and desired services, making happier guests more likely to leave positive reviews.

Boost Revenue Generation

Upselling creates additional revenue streams for your property through add-on services, maximizing profitability without requiring significant investment.

Improved Guest Loyalty

Guests who feel valued and have their needs catered to are more likely to become repeat customers and recommend your property to others.

Streamlined Operations

Boom automates upsell recommendations and bookings, minimizing workload for your team and freeing them to focus on exceptional guest service.

Don't settle for ordinary rentals. Boom unlocks the power of personalized upselling, transforming guest experiences.

Leverage guest data to offer targeted upgrades, creating win-win scenarios for your guests and your business.

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